ThinkZone Ventures has officially launched the Global Minds Accelerator program with TNB Aura Vietnam Scout as Strategic Investor to co-invest, mentor, and support Vietnamese tech startups. ThinkZone Ventures will provide startups with extensive Vietnamese local resources, while TNB Aura Vietnam Scout will support them via their expertise across Southeast Asia.

Đọc bản tiếng Việt tại đây


The Global Minds Accelerator (GMA) is an accelerator program organized by ThinkZone Ventures with a mission to foster generations of successful Vietnamese startups in the global markets. The program invests in 5-7 tech startups per batch in the early go-to-market stage with the potential to expand globally in the future. GMA W22 will take place from November 2022 till March 2023.

TNB Aura has established a Scout initiative to tap into early-stage opportunities in the Vietnam market. At TNB Aura Vietnam Scout, they are investing in and helping to build the future of Southeast Asia. As a thesis-led, high-conviction venture capital firm, they use data-driven methodologies to identify and invest in select companies that are primed for the future and ready to change the very face of their categories. Via TNB Aura Vietnam Scout, they seek to back Pre-Seed, Seed, and Pre-A Vietnamese companies with proven global precedents.

Within the program, ThinkZone Ventures and TNB Aura Vietnam Scout will provide resources and support, helping startups to grow locally as well as globally.



Direct Investment: Startups will receive at least $125,000 from ThinkZone Ventures and TNB Aura Vietnam Scout, with the possibility of further investments, dependent on business performances demonstrated throughout the program. This funding is notably the largest across other accelerator programs in Vietnam, given the possible incoming "Fundraising Winter" when other VCs are anticipated to limit their investment activities.

Local & Practical Know-how: The GMA advisory board consists of C-level leaders from leading startups, corporations, and VCs in Vietnam and the region, including Finhay (CEO), Money Lover (CEO), Appota (COO), eWTP Capital (Country Head), Vietnam Investment Group (Head of Technology Investment), etc. Besides providing advisory and mentorship, these industry leaders are also potential angel investors in the program.

Partner Connection: ThinkZone Ventures and TNB Aura Vietnam Scout will connect startups with local and regional corporations (FPT Telecom, G-Group, Sumitomo, etc.), startup-support institutions (NIC, JETRO, KOTRA, InnoLab, etc.) which are open to connecting and exploring partnership potential with the startups.

Support Packages: $300,000+ support packages of products and services from a network of ThinkZone Ventures partners including AWS, Google Could Platform, Mixpanel, Stripe, FPT Play, Vietnambiz, and others, to support startups reduce billions of VNDs of operation expenses, sales & marketing costs, legal consultation fees, etc.

Throughout the 2-month accelerator program, ThinkZone Ventures will utilize its extensive local resources to help startups penetrate and achieve high growth in the Vietnamese market. Concurrently, TNB Aura Vietnam Scout will provide startups with insights into successful business models and strategies for effective market expansion regionally. Through the guidance of TNB Aura Vietnam Scout, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia, from the early stages, startups can leverage their profiles and raise funds more conveniently in their next rounds.



Principal, Joe Zhang, commented: “We are excited to be further involved in supporting the Vietnam startup ecosystem through providing close mentorship as well as investment into top local founders early in their journey. Vietnam presents a compelling opportunity in the region, and we look forward to combining our thesis-driven insights and capabilities with ThinkZone Ventures in the GMA program.”

"Despite the incoming fundraising winter when startups are facing more difficulties to raise funds, ThinkZone Ventures and TNB Aura Vietnam Scout still commit to providing startups with our funding and support resources to grow and overcome the period." - Mr. Do Bui, Founding Partner & CEO of ThinkZone Ventures, shared.

Global Minds Accelerator will be a leverage for startups' growth not only in Vietnam but also in the international markets.


Global Minds Accelerator - Great Minds to Global Markets

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