ThinkZone Virtual Investment Day introduces 11 startups raising funds from diverse verticals

On May 28, 2021, the event ThinkZone Virtual Investment Day successfully taok place with the participation of 11 startups, 152 participants including 56 VCs and investors, alongside 50+ Partners and Mentors in ThinkZone's network. In the event, the fundraising size of startups varies from 200,000 USD up to 2 million USD.



The Virtual Investment Day event aimed to introduce potential startups from many verticals to the network of partners and investors to find partnership opportunities.

The 11 startups participating in the event include: Graphenel (a high-tech startup that produces nano materials), Housecare (a platform that connects households with house maids and home service providers), EMDDI (an online ride hailing platform for taxi companies), DNA Medical Technology (a startup that provides a solution of gene sequencing technology for health risk management), GIMO (a solution that allows employees to receive early wages), Emmay (a startup producing food alternatives from mushrooms), eJOY (an cross-platform English learning application using AI), OnGroup (a social commerce platform), (intelligent chatbot platform), KidPod (a music player and storytelling app for kids) and Soby (identification platform for online stores).


At the online event meeting via Zoom, startups in turn introduced their businesses as well as market size, customers, revenue, profit, etc. The expected investment capital scale of startups is from 200,000 USD to more than 2 million USD. 

Some startups have successfully raised capital before, like Emmay, the startup that have raised three times from angel investors, Gimo also just finished a seed fundraising round in March 2021.




A common feature of the startups participating in this fundraising is that they all have many outstanding features such as applying new technologies, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into products, applying Nano technology,... In addition, these are all innovative business models, and have been validated in the market through many business metrics such as market share, active user, retention rate, etc.

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