ThinkZone welcomes Ngan Sau with the position of Partner - Growth & Global Expansion to realize the mission in terms of global

ThinkZone Ventures has welcomed Ngan Sau - Le Huynh Kim Ngan who has a huge influence on the Vietnam startup ecosystem. Ngan Sau joined ThinkZone in the role of Partner - Growth & Global Expansion from June 2022.

Ngan Sau is one of ten persons whom TechinAsia suggested meeting to comprehend the Vietnamese startup ecosystem. With more than 12 years of working with the startup community, Ngan is a multitasker holding positions like Startup Founder, Startup & Developers Community Builder, Mentor, and market development consultant for groups and foreign capital. 

Such time engaging with the startup community helps her achieve high levels of experiences with deep understanding of the startup and Vietnamese startup ecosystem, and develop a network of experts, startups and partners on a local and international scale. 

"ThinkZone is an unusual venture, where the creative and energetic young generation converge from founding partners to operation team, adding deep expertise of both founder partners and chairmen of large corporations in Vietnam who participate in ThinkZone Fund II," says Ngan about ThinkZone. Ngan was extremely impressed with the ThinkZone vision - investing local resources in potential local tech startups, helping them thrive and become global startups”



“With the help of strong resources from local corporations and foreign partners, ThinkZone develops investment values not only in terms of money but also in relationships with startups. With ThinkZone,the period after the term sheet is signed is significant since its investment signing is a really important period, this moment starts the connectionbetween ThinkZone and startups. It is more crucial to support startups achieve their goals than to evaluate a startup's investment potential. Therefore, Ngan Sau is the one that complements the direction ThinkZone takes.”  Mr. Bui Thanh Do - Founding partner & CEO ThinkZone Ventures talked about values which build with Ngan Sau in the future. 

ThinkZone Ventures is local capital that has raised 60 million USD for ThinkZone Fund II, which was announced in February 2022. Some startups which have been invested by ThinkZone Ventures, eJOY and Educa - tech startups in Education Technology (Edtech) have reached the global market. Besides, GIMO - a flexible salary app has joined Y Combinator Accelerator - the most prestigious accelerator in the world, which speeded up unicorns such as Airbnb, Dropbox,... Another representative startup - EMDDI is a technical method for the traditional taxi industry, gives solutions for more than 120 taxi companies, and tens of thousands of drivers who can compete with ride-hailing firms.  

Expected in the third quarter of 2022, ThinkZone will announce some new investment deals with 2 - 5 million USD value, ThinkZone fund II leads these rounds for startups in Fintech, Insurtech, E-commerce, HR Tech, Foodtech,... Next, ThinkZone Ventures will release a new accelerator program named Global Growth by ThinkZone - which can speed up tech startups to go to the global market.